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Custom Solutions for your Orchestra Pit

What is safepit+®

safepit+® is an orchestra pit safety system by Productions Unlimited, Inc. It is designed specifically to provide unparalleled safety while offering multiple options in stage/pit configuration. The open mesh design is acoustically transparent, allowing the system to stay in place during performances while providing safety for those in the pit as well as on the stage. safepit+® is designed to be overlaid with polyonyx+® or other solid surface material when a solid pit cover is required.


System Highlights

  • Provides the utmost in safety for multiple stage configurations (full pit, partial pit, audience level seating, or stage extension)
  • Solutions for any orchestra pit, even those with a pit lift
  • A custom support structure will be developed for your space, allowing maximum area below the assembly for the comfort of your musicians
  • Open mesh configuration is acoustically transparent, letting sound travel to the audience without affecting quality
  • The wire mesh provides a 20 psf rated floor that can support performers and crew
  • Walkable wire mesh provides protection from dangers above for performers in the pit, while those on stage are protected from falling into the pit
  • Mesh decks have a black powder coat finish (custom color on request)
  • 1/4-turn Camloc hardware used throughout for ease of assembly
  • Can be assembled or reconfigured with as few as two people in a matter of hours
  • Optional removable panel for conductor (includes removable guard rails for rehearsals)
  • Any panel can easily be removed, creating flexibility for openings and modular traps
  • When orchestra pit is not in use, the system can be covered with polyonyx+® or other solid sheet overlay to provide a 150 psf stage extension

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